We're Open!

The S4 Veggie Store is OPEN during COVID-19. We will be open all throughout the winter. Product supply may be limited.

CURRENT AVAILABLE PRODUCTS (Januar 17, 2022) at the S4 Veggie Store

Small Tomato Varieties (red grape & cocktail will be available all year)
Beefsteak & Tomato on The Vine (available all year)

Mini, Long English & #2 Cucumbers (Pik N Pak)
Bell Peppers (Pik N Pak)

Potatoes (white)
Squash (acorn)

Fresh Local Produce

Located west of Lacombe, S4 Greenhouses is committed to providing fresh, delicious, locally grown vegetables to Central Alberta. While our name and ownership changed in 2014, this facility has been in operation for 30 years. We continue to offer the same excellence and quality in all our products that you have come to expect.

We grow a variety of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, beans, and lettuce, and have them available for purchase at our farm store, The S4 Veggie Store, as well as local Farmers' Markets.

Please visit the "Farmers' Market" page to find additional information.


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Check our calendar to see where and when you can find S4 Greenhouses’ produce at your local farmers market!


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