S4 Greenhouses Ltd. was formed in the spring of 2014, when the previous owners decided to retire, selling the business to longtime employees Norm and Leona Salomons and newcomers Albert and Kim Schermers.

In 2021 a brand new facility was opened. This will serve as a winter production location for tomatoes.

Located just off Hwy #12, between Lacombe and Gull Lake, S4 Greenhouses' two locations have approximately 20,000 square meters (2.5 acres) of greenhouse area. Currently, We grow tomatoes year-round and peppers, beans, lettuce, and cucumbers seasonally.

Our product is sold primarily through local Farmers' Markets, at The S4 Veggie Store (located at the greenhouse), and wholesale through Pik'n'Pak Produce. Please visit our "Farmers' Markets" page to view a list of where, and when, you can purchase our produce.

We are pleased to announce that we accept M/C, VISA, and DEBIT, along with cash and cheque at The S4 Veggie Store and all our Farmers' Markets.


Growing Methods

S4 Greenhouses is proud to use hydroponic methods to grow our vegetables.  What does this mean? In short: we do not use soil, but instead grow our plants in a porous medium (coco fiber) and feed them a combination of elements through an irrigation system.  Each zone in our greenhouse receives a specific amount of water and nutrients based on its needs, and has its temperature controlled 24 hours a day.  By not using soil, we can reduce the number of pests and diseases infecting our plants. 

Our plants use C02 during photosynthesis and so we utilize excess C02 off our boiler to optimize the amount of C02 available to them.

We are also proud to use BIOLOGICAL CONTROLS to deal with unwanted bugs! Essentially, we monitor for pests and find "good" bugs to take care of the "bad" bugs.  A good example of this would be ladybugs.  The ladybugs released into our greenhouse eat any aphids that might be causing stress to our plants.

We are not organic.  While we try to ensure that our vegetables are healthy and contain as many nutrients as possible, we do use an outdoor water source and a combination of elements to fertilize the plants. As mentioned above, this is the sole way our plants receive their required sustenance, as they are not grown in nutrient-rich soil. 

We operate under the CanadaGAP food safety operating practices and HACCP standards to ensure that all of our vegetables are safe for our customers.


The Employees

S4 Greenhouses is proud to employ over 20 local residents. Each and every one of them is vital to getting the veggies from the farm to the table.



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